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Sweet Summertime

Summertime is here and it is important to take care of your eyelash extensions to maintain that beautiful, natural look for the summer days. Oil-free products are your best friends this summer. Be sure to apply these products when it comes to sunscreen as well as makeup to avoid breaking down the adhesive. Be careful to avoid sunscreen coming into contact with your eyelashes. In addition to applying, use a washcloth to remove sunscreen from the face to avoid contact with the lash extensions. Sunscreen can find a way to sweat off your face in the heat so it is important to cleanse the lashes as soon as you are back inside. It is beneficial to your lashes to wear a hat, headband, or visor to reduce moisture and increase protection. The summertime should be care and worry-free, so follow these few tips to enjoy your summer while also enjoying your new lashes!


- Be careful while swimming in the water, the friction will affect the durability of the extensions.

- Purchase a mini fan to keep on you at all times during the hot pool and beach days. This fan will come in handy keeping the lashes dry and avoiding contact with water and sweat.

- Discuss other options with Carolina to make sure you are keeping up with your lashes in the right way.

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